Bargain 6 x Bath Creamers
What's to love about our Bargain Bath Creamers ... It can happen sometimes... when making bath creamers unfortunately, we have casualties or they become out of date! For only £3 our BBC (Bargain Bath Creamers) come in a minimum of 6 bath creamers, mixed fragrances and colours, broken/cracked, some smaller than usual size therefore seconds, out of date or faded and some missing toppers. They may not look 100% but these bath creamers still melt in the bath releasing loads of creamy cocoa butter! It's a real bargain 🧡💖💙 How To Use Me ~Remove all (wired) decoration, if any first, before popping this bath creamer into a warm bath, and let it melt away... Enjoy your soak! ♥

Bargain Bath Creamers

  • Damaged Bath Creamers come as an assortment.

    Check each product page for individual ingredients on the bath creamers recevied. 


    NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS ~ Always & Forever ♥

  • These bath bombs come ...

    • Bagged together in a cello bag
    • Labelled & supplied with 1 generic ingredient card
    • Minimum of 6 bath creamers


    REMINDER... These bath creamers are seconds (not 100% perfect) some may be either chipped, cracked, faded, out of date, missing toppers or under weight. 


    Note: The images are an example of bath creamers. You will recieve different ones from image shown.