Christmas Jumper Bath Fizzer

What's to love about our Christmas Jumper Bath Fizzer ...


We have your back! What could be better ... a Christmas jumper on a bath fizzer and scented with green holly & pine cones this is what Christmas is all about ♥♥♥

(Please note you may receive a different designed picture on the bath fizzer from image shown)


How To Use Me ~

Pop this bath fizzer into a warm bath and enjoy the fizz!

Christmas Jumper Bath Fizzer



    Suitable for Vegetarians & VEGANS

    NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS ~ Always & Forever ♥ 

  • This bath fizzer comes ...

    • Shrinked wrapped n 100% recyclable packaging
    • Labelled & supplied with a generic ingredients card
    • Hand decorated
    • 150g min


    PLEASE be careful as sometimes bath fizzers may chip/crack if not handled safely.


    Note bath fizzers may change colour, design etc from images shown, this is due to each bath fizzer is made by hand.