What's to love about No 6 Bath Bomb ...


'Inspired' designer fragrance L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake ♥

Enter the blend of summer fruits with melon and juicy mandarin. Lay back in the rest of this tranquil aroma with peony and cyclamen florals and with a hand decorated flare of gold shimmer, it not only smells 'designer' it looks it too☺



Pop this bath bomb into a warm bath and enjoy the designer inspired fizz! ♥

No 6 Bath Bomb ~ Inspired by L'eau D'issey




    NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS ~ Always & Forever ♥

  • This bath bomb comes ...

    • Shrinked wrapped
    • Labelled & supplied with a generic ingredients card
    • 140g min (tennis ball size)


    PLEASE be careful as sometimes bath bombs may chip/crack if not handled safely.


    Note bath bombs may change colour, design etc from images shown, this is due to each bath bomb is made by hand.