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Bath Bombs

Fizz away your worries and take a look at our wholesale bath bomb range ... We have over 100 bath bombs, bath fizzers and designer bath bombs to choose from.

Bath Bombs
My Little Bath Shop wholesale bath bombs have been so popular since they were launched in the summer of 2017. To date the range has grown and due to their high demand it's still growing,
with now over 100 different bath bombs to choose from.
Our latest launch is the Designer Inspired collection in 2019 which has been a fizzy hit with everyone!

Our bath bombs soften the bath water, which moisturises the skin making it feel silky & soft. All our bath  bombs are vegetarian and some are suitable for VEGANS. We are cruelty free, use natural ingredients with the exception of fragrance oils and some with a little glitter and everyone is individually handmade, hand wrapped and labelled by us here in the UK.

Order online today!

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