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1 x 1.25kg American Dream Bulk Fizzy Bath Rocks

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1 x 1.25kg American Dream Bulk Fizzy Bath Rocks


Live the DREAM. Live the American Dream with cookies & cream…Mmm 😎


Our NEW 1 KILO 250g fizzy bath rock bags are quick, easy & simple for you to display your way! They are labelled and packaged in a recycleable bag, ready for you to place on your own display or package individually.


Ideal for stalls and white-label.

  • How To Use

    Pop a rock or two into a warm bath and soak away in the gentle fizz... Enjoy! ♥


    PLEASE handle with care. Our fizzy bath rocks may crumble slightly due to the nature of this habdmade product.

    Packed with 100% fizz.


    Note that fizzy bath rocks may change colour from images shown. This is due to every batch being made by hand.




  • Ingredients

    Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua, Parfum, CI 42090 Acid Blue, CI 16035 Allura Red , CI 45100 Acid Red 52, CI 16185 Acid Red 27, BENZYL BENZOATE


    NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS ~ Always & Forever ♥

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