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120 x Value Bath Bombs

120 x Value Bath Bombs

Excluding VAT |

120 x Value Bath Bombs

RRP £3.25 each


STOP! We have made it easy for you 😀 Want all 10 of our value wholesale bath bomb packs? To save the finger surfing, just hit the ‘add to shopping cart’ button and job done ✔️


~ Keeping it simple for you and your customer needs ~

Our NEW value bath bomb range is boxed. Unwrapped. Unlabelled. No fuss, just fizz!

  • Ingredients

    For full ingredients, please visit each product page for all 10 value wholesale bath bombs.


    NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS ~ Always & Forever ♥

  • How To Use

    Pop this bath bomb into a warm bath and enjoy the fizz ♥



    Due to the nature of these bath bombs being unwrapped, they may crumble slightly. Handle with care.

    Note bath bombs may change colour slightly from batch to batch and design etc from images shown, this is due to each bath bomb is handmade by My Little Bath Shop.

  • Packaging

    Our NEW wholesale value bath bomb range is back to basics

    Packs of 12 units boxed ( 10 packs although with this product)



    Full ingredients supplied on ONE sheet of paper per pack of 12

    150g min each

    No fuss, just fizz!

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