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6 x Bath Dust

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6 x Bath Bomb Dust 

RRP £2.00


All the fizz and wonderful fragrances of our bath bombs, just in a cone of fizzy dust 💖 RRP £2 a cone you can get a number of baths out of our bath fizz, or if you are feeling wild, throw it all in your bath tub 🤪 ... It’s a fizz-tastic bargain.


*Image is example ONLY. Random scents/colours selected.




  • Ingredients

    Bargain Bath Fizz cones come as an assortment.

    Check each product page for individual ingredients on the bath fizz recevied. 



    NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS ~ Always & Forever ♥

  • Packaging

    Wholesale Bath Bomb Dust

    • 6 units packaged in a cone shaped bag
    • Labelled & supplied with a generic ingredient cards
    • Random scents/colour selected due to availability at the time
    • 180g min



  • How To Use

    Sprinkle some bath fizz into a warm bath, let it fizz and then soak back and enjoy! ♥


    Note: The image is an example of bath fizz cones. You will recieve a different one from image shown.

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