I'm All Natural Bath Bomb

What's to love about our I'm All Natural Bath Bomb ...


No glitter, no colour and no fragrance, just plain but beautiful and full of fizz!


How To Use Me ~

Pop this bath bomb into a warm bath and enjoy the fizz!


Please note - The company can NOT guarantee that some traces of glitter may be seen.

I'm All Natural Bath Bomb

  • Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua.


    Suitable for Vegetarians & VEGANS

    NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS ~ Always & Forever ♥

  • This bath bomb comes ...

    • Shrinked wrapped
    • Labelled & supplied with a generic ingredients card
    • 140g min (tennis ball size)


    PLEASE be careful as sometimes bath bombs may chip/crack if not handled safely.


    Note bath bombs may change colour, design etc from images shown, this is due to each bath bomb is made by hand.