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No 18 Reed Diffuser, inspired by Coco, Chanel No 5

No 18 Reed Diffuser, inspired by Coco, Chanel No 5 (Pack of 4)

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No 18 Reed Diffuser by Betty Whitehouse  RRP £22.00


'Inspired' designer fragrance by Coco, Chanel No. 5 ♥



  • Packaging & Care

    Wholesale Reed Diffusers

    • 4 Reed diffusers gift boxed.
    • Packaged in a square glass bottle complete with diffuser sticks, and a stylish gloss silver collar, for added luxury.
    • It has a PE stopper plug for transport.  
    • Hand poured in the UK with a superior concentrated formula that will last for up to 4 months.
    • H8cm X D6cm
    • 100ml



    • TAKE CARE flammable, keep away from naked flames, heat and sunlight.
    • This product may cause damage so do not allow the oil to come into contact with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces or fabrics.
    • Do not swallow
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets
    • Always read the packaging/product for further warning
  • Directions


    Immerse the reed sticks in the bottle allowing the perfume oil to be drawn up through the reeds and fragrance the air. To increase the intensity of the fragrance occasionally turn the reeds upside down in the bottle. After 6-9 months, we recommend replacing the reed diffuser sticks for new ones, as this will ensure the room fragrance is drawn into the atmosphere effectively. 

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